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Travel Hacks for Long-Haul Comfort from a former Flight Attendant

A flight attendant’s top travel tips to uplevel your travel game with these hacks & brand favorites for your next trip

Ah, the glamorous life of a flight attendant – soaring through the clouds, serving passengers with a smile, and mastering the art of making every journey a seamless adventure. Not only that but behind the polished veneer lies a treasure trove of insider tips and tricks that can turn any traveler into a seasoned pro. So, buckle up and prepare for takeoff as we delve into the world of travel hacks for long-haul comfort straight from the playbook of a former flight attendant.

Disclaimer: These tips and tricks are mostly tailor-made for long-distance travel. During my time with Lufthansa airlines I was lucky to call the the Boeing 747 my office above the clouds flying to all major cities in the world from Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai, Johannesburg all the way over to NYC, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. It’s the long-haul flights you want to be best prepped for to ensure that your journey is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible from takeoff to touchdown.

Sock it to Me

First things first, let’s talk feet. As any seasoned traveler knows, keeping those tootsies cozy and warm is essential for a comfortable journey. That’s why I always stash an extra pair of socks in my carry-on. No offense to any airlines, but between flights, there’s no time for deep cleaning. So first, don’t let your little ones crawl on the floor and rather than putting shoes on and off, I put on a second pair of socks that I always toss after the flight. Obviously you can deep cleanse them but from being a high sensitive when it comes to hygiene, I’d rather throw them away. 😉

Speaking of hygiene: Stay Fresh, Stay Clean!

Wet wipes are a must-have for any traveler’s arsenal! Not only are they perfect for keeping your hands clean before, during, and after meals, but they also come in handy for wiping down the tray table and armrests in your seat area. Let’s face it, airplane cleanliness can sometimes leave a lot to be desired, so having a pack of wet wipes on hand ensures that you can maintain a hygienic environment throughout your journey. Plus, they’re great for freshening up after a long flight or messy meal. So, don’t forget to toss a pack of wet wipes into your carry-on – your seatmate (and your sanity) will thank you!

Wrap it Up

Next up, the humble scarf – a versatile accessory that’s more than just a fashion statement. Not only does it keep you warm when the AC is blasting, but it also doubles as a noise reducer, helping you drift off into dreamland amidst the hum of the engines.

Cozy Chic

Forget the stiff suits and uncomfortable attire – when it comes to inflight fashion, comfort is key. Opt for cozy wear by ALO paired with a trusty hoodie from your favorite brand (or check out my own, approved by all my friends as travel favorite). There’s a way to be elegant and comfortable at the same time, even with leisure.

Baggage Bliss for Long-Haul Travel

When it comes to luggage, organization is the name of the game. That’s why I swear by BÉIS – their thoughtful design features extra pockets and add-ons that make packing a breeze. Plus, their mission to empower travelers and make each travel moment count speaks volumes. Because let’s be real, baggage is better with BÉIS.

Carry-on Essentials

Keep your valuables close and secure by stashing them in your carry-on, and don’t forget to lock it up tight. I always pack all the things that I appreciate the most and couldn’t handle to get lost in my carry on. Your handbag or backpack should serve as a treasure trove of travel essentials, from documents to snacks and everything in between — basically all the things you need handy without having to go on a hunt in your carry-on. Again, lock it all up as yes, people steal on flights. Little extra hack, I like to leave space in my carry-on in case I want to do some shopping at the airport. This way I’m not overloaded with shopping bags and everything is packed away safely.

Packing Perfection

Overpacking is a rookie mistake. Instead, opt for smart packing solutions like compression cubes and versatile outfits that can easily be mixed and matched. Make it easy for yourself. And don’t forget to secure your checked suitcase with an extra belt – it’s a game-changer. As I returned from a long trip once I found my suitcase zipper broken and luckily the belt held it together so nothing got lost. For some extra security: leave an Airtag in each of your checked bags for full tracking control 😉

Liquid Limitations

Say goodbye to spills and leaks by minimizing your liquid products. Travel-sized skincare sets and soap bars are your best friends in this department. And if you’re in need of a shampoo recommendation, look no further than Viori. The products are made of natural ingredients.

Hydration Station for Inner Comfort

Stay hydrated both inside and out by bringing plenty of water on board and adding electrolytes for an extra boost. And don’t neglect your skin – combat the dry cabin air with hydrating skincare essentials from OSEA (you get 10% with SANDRA10 😉). Plus OSEA has most of their products available in travel size as well.

Food for Thought when up in the Air

Preorder your preferred meal to avoid inflight food woes. Especially if you have dietary sensitivities. And don’t forget to pack your favorite snacks to keep your gut happy and healthy – I swear by Seed for all my gut health needs. 2 capsules a day to keep your gut happy. It’s as easy as that.

Glam on the Go

Last but not least, a quick glam-up before landing can work wonders for your mood. Reach for OGEE’s travel-friendly and clean products for an effortless touch of glamour — whether you’re on board or touching down in a new destination. During the journey I’d prefer no make-up or a natural look. And don’t forget to add a toothbrush and tooth past to your travel kit on board.

So there you have it – a little treasure trove of top travel hacks for long-haul comfort and favorites straight from the source. Of course this one could be an endless list of even more hacks, so I kept the focus on the essentials. Whether you’re jet-setting for business or pleasure, these insider secrets are sure to elevate your next journey to new heights. Bon voyage!

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